High Security Door Strike

Services Utilized: Machining, Fabrication

What is it?

It's a Heavy Duty Door Strike Kit that replaces the standard door strike and enhances the security of a residential steel door. The kit includes a 1/4-inch thick billet steel door strike and heavy-duty hardware. This unit is ideal for high-security installations and situations where the original strike and woodwork have been compromised. The Heavy Duty Door Strike is three to four times thicker than a standard brass strike that comes with most doorknobs. The kit combines the regular latch strike with the deadbolt strike into one larger piece that accommodates four additional screws while increasing the strength of the door hardware. The added thickness of the strike makes it more durable and resistant to persistent attack from prying and impact. When installed, the Heavy Duty Door Strike is barely visible and does not hinder the door's normal function.

Why was it designed?

The Heavy Duty Door Strike was designed to meet the needs of a customer who lived and worked in an area where break-ins, burglary, and vandalism were common. Previous break-ins had damaged the door frame, making it impossible to secure the door without new hardware. Although similar combined strikes were available, they were not as sturdy as our Heavy Duty Door Strike and did not offer the necessary security for the application.

How was it made?

The Heavy Duty Door Strike is CNC machined from a single piece of 1018 steel and painted.

How can I get one?

Please use our Contact Us form to share the details of your application, and we will provide a quote for the strike and hardware kit.