3D Printed Samples

Services Utilized: 3D Printing, Specialized Materials

3D Printing GP Size

What is it?

The samples shown are made from 3D printed SLS (Selective Laser Sintered) Nylon that has been electroplated with several layers of conductive substrate. On top of the conductive substrate, a thin layer of silver or copper has been deposited.

Why show this?

The purpose of the sample is to demonstrate that 3D printed materials and additive manufacturing are not limited to simple or single material plastics or simple shapes. 3D printing offers a vast array of processes and materials, including rubber-like materials, tough plastics, engineering materials, high-resolution options, and even printed metals. Some materials are used for visual/fitment models, while others are suited to complex assemblies, functional parts, and even previously impossible things like the samples above. The limiting factors of 3D printing and printed parts are the current state of material science and the innovative application of those materials. Our team strives to be aware of the latest materials while understanding the limitations of the processes that deposit/create them. While we cannot provide all 3D printed processes in-house, we strive to provide our customers with a wide breadth of material options through our in-house materials and strategic partnerships with other vendors. Our extensive knowledge of materials, processes, and experience in the additive manufacturing industry are among the best in the nation. We look forward to working alongside your team to innovate your ideas into the future.