Fabricated Assemblies

Services Utilized: Design Services, Prototype

Fabrication GP Size

What is it?

The solar panel cart was designed for 1st Maker Space. The carts will be used as part of a mobile sustainable technology program that can be moved from school to school via a customized enclosed trailer. The purpose of the trailer is to share equipment that is not normally available to students with multiple locations. The goal of this program is to teach students about alternative energy, specifically about solar power. The cart is made of welded steel angle and is strong, yet lightweight at about 25 lbs. The corner brace plates have been fitted with locking casters to make the units easy to move. The support rails in the center of the carts will hold a pair of heavy-duty lead-acid batteries. The batteries act as ballast to keep the cart stable in windy conditions. The vertical stays in the back of the cart have been drilled to accept a plywood working board that will allow mounting of charge controllers, inverters, and test equipment. The carts will give students real hands-on experience with solar energy on a relevant scale. They can take measurements and see that it is truly possible to power real appliances and do real work using solar panels.

Why show this?

Yates Innovations offers a wide range of services, including design, welding, and general fabrication. All of these services were used on this project. We were happy to take our customer's concept and create a functional prototype from it. The result of our effort was a pair of tough Solar Carts that will last a long time and serve many students. We were happy to help with this project because sustainability is important, as is educating our young people about how to implement this technology.