CNC Machined Aluminum Parts

CNC Machined Aluminum Parts

Services Utilized: CNC Machining, Production

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What is it?

These parts are CNC machined production parts for one of my customers. The customer is a medium-sized business that produces industrial architectural components and assemblies. They came to us with a sketch concept and asked if we could make something like it for them. We worked with the customer to refine the sketch into a dimensioned sketch and created a CAD model along with a few prototypes. The customer was able to test the parts, make changes, and solve their problem. The customer regularly orders this component from us. Some would call this a soup-to-nuts design program. Yates Innovations is honored to be part of their design success and happy to produce the components for a long time to come.

Real Innovation is Hard. We Are Here to Help.

Design, development, and solving production concerns are among the most challenging things that most small to medium-sized businesses have to contend with. In our ever-changing world, innovation and progress are imperative. At Yates Innovations, we pride ourselves on providing a wide range of services that result in success. Many of our customers have previously struggled to find practical design and development services that meet their needs. Some machine shops/fabrication shops will provide engineering services to secure a production contract. However, engineers are not necessarily designers, and they may not understand the customers' needs as well as the aesthetic principles that guide good design. The engineer often provides a quick result that works functionally but does not always meet the customers' design expectations. Proper design firms are often very expensive to employ, and they are not always driven to produce economical or quickly implementable solutions suitable for small or medium-sized businesses. Design firms are often a better fit for product development in large-scale businesses with large budgets and longer timelines. Yates Innovations falls between the engineer and design firm. We are designers with engineering and manufacturing backgrounds, and we understand that aesthetic design is important and people appreciate good design, but it must be implemented in a reasonable, actionable way.